Our Services

We know how hard it is to travel as vegans, especially if your expectations are very high. That’s why we can visualize how the perfect experience should be and make it come true. We support individuals and corporates in planning trips, family vacations, couples escapes, and business trips in the easiest and coolest way. Downshifters, opulence lovers, and anything in between, we put understanding first, and then we love to guarantee the highest level of execution. Restaurants, Hotels, Private chefs, Flights, Events, Shopping, Yachts, and Experiences. All the top vegan high-end.

We have created an holistic process to make you enjoy experiences even while planning them.

What we can arrange for you:

  • Flights with the most refined and sophisticated vegan options and most vegan friendly vip lounges (we have a professional dedicated to this)
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Yachting
  • Experiences (Tastings, Excursions, Events)
  • Shopping at vegan designers or vegan friendly boutiques
  • Private chefs